PowerSimulations.jl is a Julia/JuMP package designed to develop and study power system operation models in steady-state. It uses the data model implemented in PowerSystems.jl to construct optimization models.

The package supports to major analysis tools.

  • Operational Models: Meant to study and analyze multiperiod operational model formulations that can specified by the combination of device formulations and network models.
  • Simulations Models: Developed to run sequences of operational models to study model interactions sucha as cost-production-modeling.

The documentation is still work in progress.


The latest stable release of PowerModels can be installed using the Julia package manager with

] add PowerSimulations

For the current development version, "checkout" this package with

] add PowerSimulations#master

An appropiate optimization solver is required for running PowerSimulations models. Refer to JuMP.jl solver's page to select the most appropiate for the application of interest.